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Paid Finding Agencies

Adoption, Fostering Support & Advice - UK organisations

Adoption Information Line
Adoption Interlink UK
Adoption Ireland
Adopters Scotland
Adoption UK
British Association for Adoption & Fostering (BAAF)
The Fostering Network
Fostering Information Line
Parents for Children


Adoption Yellow Pages
Adoptive Families Magazine
Family Preservation and Child Welfare Network
USA People Search
North American Council on Adoptable Children
Partners in Foster Care

Post-adoption and fostering support

Post Adoption Centre
After Adoption
PACT (Parents and Children Together)
Adoption UK
Bereavement Network
National Adoption Information Clearinghouse
North American Council on Adoptable Children
Single adoptive parents mailing list
Older Child Adoption Online Magazine
Worcestershire Action & Support Group for Adoptive Parents

Inter-Country adoption
Association for Families who have Adopted from Abroad (AFAA)
Children Adopted from China
Department of Health Fact-sheets
Inter-Country Adoption Centre


International Foster Carers Organisation
Allysa Carberry Foster Care Net worker, New Zealand

Considering adoption or fostering?

Adopting a child in Britain: advice for prospective adopters
Fostering Network
Fostering Network
Intercountry Adoption Centre
NCH (National Children's Home)
NCH (National Children's Home)
National Adoption Information Clearinghouse

Adoption & Fostering Agencies

BAAF's database of adoption & fostering agencies
Adoption & Fostering Line's database of adoption agencies
Adoption & Fostering Line's database of fostering agencies

Children waiting to be adopted or fostered

Be My Parent
Children Who Wait website

Legal Aspects

Adoption, fostering and child care legislation for UK regions and countries
The Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption 1993
United Kingdom Parliament
Hansard Publications
CAFCASS (the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service)
The Law Commission
NALGARO (The Professional Association for Childrens Guardians and Children and Family Reporters)
Association of Lawyers for Children
The AIRE Centre
Scottish Child Law Centre
The Children's Legal Centre
CompactLaw (concise and independent legal information for consumers and business customers)
Cornell University's Legal Information Institute
Adoption Law & Reform
Adoption & Its Alternatives


Department of Health Statistics on Children's Services
Children Adopted from Care in England 2001/2002
Children Looked After by Local Authorities Year Ending 31 March 2002, England
Fostering Network
Outcome Indicators for Looked After Children: Twelve Months to 30 September 2002, England
Looked After Children statistics
Looked After Children statistics
Children's Statistical Returns
Social Services Performance Assessment Framework Indicators
PSS Statistical Returns for the year 2002
Family Resources Survey
National Statistics
Marriage, Divorce and Adoption Statistics Series FM2
Populations Trends
Regional Trends
Social Trends
General Register Office for England and Wales
General Register Office for Scotland
General Register Office for Scotland statistics
General Register Office
Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency
Census 2001

Government and Parliamentary sites

UK Online
Local Government Association
Local Government Information Unit
Central Government Information for Local Government
Department for Education and Skills adoption pages
Department of Health consultations register
Department of Health Press Releases
Department of Health Circulars/Letters
Department of Health Publications
Social Care
Social Care Group
Social Care Policy
Quality Protects
Choice Protects
Sure Start
Area Child Protection Committees
Criminal Records Bureau
Commission for Racial Equality


Directory of MPs, Peers and Offices
House of Commons Information Office
Members, Ministers and Committees

Northern Ireland

North Ireland Executive
The Executive
News releases
What's new
Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety
Social Services Inspectorate
Northern Ireland Social Care Council


Scottish Parliament
Scottish Executive
Information about the Scottish Executive
Children's Services publications
Children and Young People
Social Work Services Inspectorate


Welsh Assembly
Public information about the Assembly
Adoption & Fostering
Children and Young People's pages
Children and Young People's pages
Social Care
Social Care
Children First
Key Publications
Current Consultations
Social Services Inspectorate for Wales
Care Standards Inspectorate for Wales

Performance Assessment

Adoption National Minimum Standards and Regulations
Fostering Services National Minimum Standards and Regulations

Government Departments, Organisations & Schemes

The National Care Standards Commission
Audit Commission
Social Services Inspectorate (SSI)
Personal Social Services (PSS) Performance Assessment
PSS Performance Assessment Framework (PAF)
PSS Performance Assessment Framework (PAF) Indicators
Improving Performance in Social Care
The Beacon Council Scheme
Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC)

Adoption, Fostering & Child Care

4 Nations Child Policy Network
Adopter Recruitment Toolkit
Adoption Register for England and Wales
Area Child Protection Committees
Choice Protects
National Adoption Information Clearinghouse
Quality Protects
National Teaching & Advisory Service for Looked After Children
Parenting Education and Support Forum
The Victoria Climbie Inquiry
SCIE Practice Guide to Fostering

Resources & Databases

Hadley Centre for Adoption and Foster Care Studies
ADOC Adoptie Driehoek Onderzoeks Centrum
CCFR Centre for Child and Family Research
TCRU Thomas Coram Research Unit
Internet Social Worker
The Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG)
Social Care Institute of Excellence (SCIE)
Electronic Library for Social Care (eLSC)
Research in Practice
Centre for Evidence Based Social Services (CEBSS)
Study of Care, Values and the Future of Welfare Research Group
Anna Freud Centre
Research Policy & Planning
Joseph Rowntree Foundation
The Children Act Now: Messages from Research
Publications from The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute
National Adoption Attitudes Survey

Free databases

Register of Researchers
Social Services Research Group Database 
National Research Register
ReSearch Web, Supporting Social Work Excellence for Scotland
Social Care Databases
National Adoption Information Clearinghouse 
Evan B Donaldson Adoption Institution

Child Protection

British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (BASPCAN)
Children Are Unbeatable!
Internet Content Rating Association
Internet Watch Foundation
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC)
Stop it Now! UK and Ireland


A Better Education for Children in Care
Centre for Special Educational Needs (SEN)
The Red Balloon Learner Centre

Medical & Disability
CHILD: National Infertility Support Network

Prenatal exposure to drugs or alcohol

Prenatal substance exposure