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I am trying to find this family Park (Angela and Brian). They have got 3 children: Lara, Robert, Philippe. They have lived in London, in Wimlebon and then they moved to South Harting, Petersfield. I think they have moved from there. I have lost their old address and the telephone number.

Posted on: 22/08/2003 09:07:51

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Name: Merja Meriläinen-Käyhkö

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Name: Angela and Brian Park

Town: Petersfield, South Harting

Reply posted on: 04/02/2009

From Lisbeth Thygesen

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Town: London

Hej are you the Merja I went to Cambridge Eurocentre language school with?
I know you worked in Brussels for a couple of years and then went back to Finland and then I lost track of you (if that is you)
Love to hear from you again.

Reply posted on: 05/02/2009

From Merja Meriläinen

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Town: Tampere

Thanks John, I found them and we have changed e-mails.

Yes, Lisbeth its me. Fancy finding you here :) I have lost your e-mail address n home address

Reply posted on: 22/06/2006

From john smith

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Town: london

They are still in Petersfield, and Brian is the Managing Director for a company called 4CAST Ltd.
His direct number in London is 020 7881 8804. Or alternatively email him on

Good luck.