Message Posted By: Damien Flint / Hamilton/ Wright

to r hamilton

my name is damien flint but it used to be hamilton. i am looking for my birth father Ron Hamilton who used to live in woodhatch, surrey with my mum amanda wright, i am 19 years old and it would be nice if you or your relatives could get in contact with me as i would like to meet you. i dont remember what you look like as i was only 3 months old when you left! i was born on 6th october 1987 in redhill general hospital. please contact me on 07999677400 or
thank you.

Posted on: 20/10/2006

Poster Information:

Name: Damien Flint / Hamilton/ Wright

Born: 0

Town: redhill

Looking For:

Name: ron / ronald hamilton

Born: 0

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