Message Posted By: ben thomas

i am looking for my father, born john g smith then changed his name to kenneth barrett, worked briefly in the navy on helicopter meachanics. do you know where he is?

Posted on: 30/08/2003 11:24:10

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Name: ben thomas

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Name: kenneth barrett

Town: surrey

Reply posted on: 25/04/2013 03:51:49

From Kat Lowry

Town: Mandurah

Did you find your relative? There was a Canon Kenneth Barrett here in Mandurah. He was English but not sure where. We would be about 90 yrs old now but not sure if he is still alive. If you are interested you could check through Christs Church in Mandurah.

Reply posted on: 15/06/2016 11:28:30

From Emma Williamson

Town: Anerdeenshire

I am also looking for a Kenneth Barrett . Was in the army catering corps in County Durhahm around 1961