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Gwendoline G M Langford

This lady gave birth to me on 11th or 12th APRIL 1945 in St James Hospital - Battersea - London and was resident in The Manor Hospital - Epsom. From the records I have I believe she never saw me at birth as I was transfered to various hospitals and nurseries until adopted in 1949 by Kenneth & Kathleen Everitt from a Barardos home in Ware - Hertford

Posted on: 28/10/2006

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From Roxy Potts

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Do you have a name for the lady? My father, a US G.I., had a relationship with a woman who gave birth to a son in mid 1945. My father was stationed around Cardiff. After the child was born, the woman corresponded with my aunt for several years regarding the child. Our information was the womans name was Eileen. Thank you.