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Peggy Edwards

Elsie and Robert Dye, knew Peggy Edwards in the early WW2 years, when Peggy was employed on the LNER Railways at Beighton, Yorkshire. Robert was a Porter Signalman at Beighton.Elsie and Robert later married and are now resident in the USA in Southern California. Robert or Bob as he was known went into the RAF as a Navigator and fortunately came out all in one piece.Our address is We send this message simply because we were discussing past friends in the UK going back over the years. If anyone in the Stavely or Bolsover area have any information would appreciate a message as inidicated above to our e-mail contact. The years advance and life goes on, would appreciate any information anyone may be able to provide. We have a family all naturally adults, life in California is good. Would appreciate a contact from some one. No other implications involved, just nosey. Elsie and Robert Dye

Posted on: 31/10/2006

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Name: Robert and Elsie Dye

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Town: Oceanside, California

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Town: unknown

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