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If their is anyone out there who knows of the wearabouts of (Ne)Diana Maureen Baker Born 26th June 1949 Last known Address 49 Bengarth Road North Holt Middlesex London,please reply to this message, Thanks Her long lost Daughter Cheryl

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Name: Cheryl Smith

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Name: Diana Maureen Baker

Born: 1968

Town: North Holt

Reply posted on: 11/07/2009

From Maggie McLean nee Baker

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Town: London

My stepfather was Ronald David Baker. His sister was called Diane. I believe there father was callled Laurence. They had an aunt called Maureen. I beleive they lived in Bengarth Road. I was aware that my step-aunt Diane had several pregnancies before marrying a man called Paul Ford and having a child called Debbie (who would be around 32-35 years of age now). Diane later married a man who was governor of Bedford prison approx 16yrs ago and had a son. I have no contact with this family anymore but wish you luck.

Reply posted on: 19/06/2006

From margaret rider

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Town: Middlesex

Hi Cheryl I dont know if you have tried this site but it might be worth contacting Joan Allen of Myfolks who might be able to tell you where your mother is. Regards Margaret

Reply posted on: 01/12/2006

From Kate McCarron

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Town: Boston,


I am also a long lost daughter of Diana Maureen Baker. I was born 11 months after you.

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