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beard melvyn. h

he is y dad i am 16 years old and i need im in my life. e has done some bad things and he tried to hurt my mum 16 years ago he has seen me once wen he walked past my mu and looked in my pram they did not speak. but my mum said she was sure he took a look at me. ithye were married and they were happy for a while.i have soemhalf sisters i think on his side. i only have two pictures of him and hey are my most treasured possesions. i need to meet himor at least speak to him even an email will do my mum is ok with this she says it is my choice its just that even thought i dont even know him i do love him.please help me. i once wrote a letter to a place in london and they said because if my circumstances the would let me fing my dad even thought i was only 14 at the time i have tried everything else and i cant seem to do it. any way the eople in london said i needed my mums signature and my mum wouldnt do it then but she is ready now she says it is ok. i really need this it will help me no end. my mum did have a restaining order against him i think and so she cant see him but that doesnt mean i cant. please

Posted on: 25/11/2006

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