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kulbinder is my ex partner, we have two children together. tiana louise medley d.o.b. 11/9/06. and kion simon medley d.o.b 1/12/06. kulbinder moved somewhere in the north of the country, bradford i think although im not completely sure, about 6 months ago. i was at hers the day before they moved as i was taking tiana and kion back home after spending the day with me. kulbinder was in the middle of packing so she said that she would give me the address another time or i could ring her and get it and arrange when i could see tiana and kion. since she left i have heard nothing from her. the mobile no. i had for her is not on, it was 07989 969 880. i have recently been giving a no to try for her, which was07794 013892, i got no answer but left a couple of messages and texts, that no. now appears to have been switched off too. im not really sure what to do now and am hoping you can help!!!

Posted on: 01/12/2006

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