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My real mothers name was doreen pearl miller, who lived in london. She put me up for adoption in 1943 (the year I was born).
I was adopted by a Mr and Mrs James Payne also of cole street london.
I would like to know if she is either deceased or alive.
I believe my father was an american airman in 1943.

Posted on: 11/12/2006

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Name: pauline Mary Elley

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Town: lt walsingham

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Name: doreen miller

Born: 1925

Reply posted on: 16/03/2014 15:10:23

From Lynn Payne

Town: Melbourne

Hi Pauline,
I wondered if you could help me? Your adopted parents, Mr & Mrs James Payne of Coles st. London, was your adopted mothers name Mary? My father John was also adopted by Jim & Mary Payne living in East London, shortly after his birth in August 1945. His real dad was a Canadian airforceman (we believe). I saw your message and realised you could be talking about my grandparents too. Take care Lynn Payne