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Does anyone know Alex?

Alex Morgan Mcwell is the love of my life! He was born in Scotland, married an american girl and lived in Harrisburg, Pennsylvannia .They had a daughter called Agnes. His wife died about 6 years ago and his father had a mens clothing business there as well, he died too not long after. All of Alexs family moved back to Pitlochry, Scotland. Alex works for a Scottish Church Christian in Liverpool UK... his daughter Agnes lived with his mum in Pitlochry...she is in Year 11 now. Alex is 46 now, born on the 23rd July 1960. He has a brother Mark and his wife , they have 3 boys. They live in Pitlochry also. Alexs mum Margaret died in April this year, and Alex has been in hospital either in Scotland or Liverpool ..since due to a breakdown. He has left me 6 distress messages on my cell phone...wanting me to call him. but his mobile is off all the time and his email addresses are disabled. Can anyone help me find him i have posted a picture of him on here also. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME FIND THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!! JAN..

Posted on: 15/12/2006

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Name: Jan Beaumont

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Town: Adelaide

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Name: Alex Morgan Mcwell

Born: 1960

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