Message Posted By: Linda Keller

Seamus Martin of Drogheda

Weve missed you over 30 years and my mum (your sister Mary) really needs to know you are safe and happy wherever you are. We think you left to work in England in late 1974, but after the postal strike at the time we had no traces of where you went ? If anyone out there knows anything or has worked with some one of this name from drogheda please please get in touch. A little information can help ease the pain of wondering where he is.

Posted on: 17/12/2006

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Name: Linda Keller

Born: 0

Town: Drogheda

Looking For:

Name: James (Seamus) Martin

Born: 1955

Reply posted on: 26/06/2016 16:58:28

From Linda Keller

Town: Drogheda

Still looking for you uncle shay .... Please get in touch, even if simply to share news of family. Its been too long.

James Martin 5th August 1955