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i need to find you

all i know is that your name is tim munro, and that you live in edinborough you where with my mum who is marie ebejer. but she was called marie grimes i think at the time. the last time i can remember seeing you was back in secombe ferry near birkenhead.and i know that you sent me a birthday card when i was about 10. we moved about 5 years ago to a town called llangollen in north wales. where im pretty sure my mum was doin so that you would have no clue where eny of us would be. just so you know its not my mum who is looking for you its me. she wouldnt tell me anythin if i asked her anyway. im coming to edinborough tommorow however way i can to find you and i hope that you cn some how read this to send me some info on were to find you. if you want me to find you that is. my full name is DUNCAN KIRK DOUGLAS MUNRO and i was born in BIRKENHEAD on the 21/03/88.

Posted on: 18/12/2006

Poster Information:

Name: duncan munro

Born: 0

Town: llangollen

Looking For:

Name: tim munro

Born: 1965

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