Message Posted By: denise bowman

I was born Cornell Evans 15.2.55 born to Elizabeth Labasse Evans of Derby, if anyone knows of her please get in touch via this website

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Name: denise bowman

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Name: elizabeth evans

Born: 1955

Town: Derby

Reply posted on: 13/01/2008

From Sharon Wilson

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Town: Basingstoke

Hi, I do not have any details for you sorry - but your message came up when I keyed in Calne. My gran lived in Calne, born during WWI and her name was Marjorie LaBassee Smith - named after an uncle who died in labassee. I am trying to research Labassee in France, planning a visit there too and wondered if you had done anything of your research into the name too. kind regards

Reply posted on: 14/01/2008

From denise bowman

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Town: Ilkeston

Hi Sharon. No sorry I have never done any research nor heard anything from my birth mother since I posted that message years ago. The names are not spelled the same so I am not sure if that has any bearing on it. Good luck with your research.