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Sarah Tiffany

When i was about 4 years old my father had a relationship with a woman called Michelle Sarah, she ended up giving birth to a daughter called Tiffany Cook on 26th march sometime between 1992 and 1994. After Tiffany was born my dad and her mum split up and we never saw Tiffant again it is possible that Michelle changed Tiffanys name back to Sarah or has got married since. She used to live with her mother Rose who lived near Heathrow airport somewhere near the bedfont area. I am unsure of Roses age but she is in her 60s. All i know is that Michelle had a brother and Tiffany was the only child born to Michelle at the time of her birth. Tiffanys biological dads name is Peter Cook and his mothers name is Grace Watts. My name is Emma cook and Tiffany is my half sister, i have been trying to find her for some years now but as of yet my tries have come to no avail.

Posted on: 05/01/2007

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