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Im looking for my dad !!

Hello, Im Anja Kroon (Glogiewicz) and Im looking for my dad. His name is Wladyslaw Glogiewicz and now: Marcel Robinson. Im his daughter and I miss him very much. I dont know where he lives, only that he has a son and a daughter too. Theire names are: Paul and Michelle and Amanda Sykes.
Amanda is Adopted by the familie Sykes.
If anybody knows him, please tell me, because he is my dad and I want to know if hes alright. My email is

Posted on: 07/01/2007

Poster Information:

Name: Anja (Angela) Kroon (Glogiewicz)

Born: 0

Town: Swifterbant

Looking For:

Name: Wladyslaw Glogiewicz

Born: 1948

Reply posted on: 23/05/2008


Born: 0

Town: Chesterfield

Hi I hope you receive this message I think youve been waiting for a response to your e mail Im Amanda Sykes as was and was totally dumb struck to read your email. I would love to contact you and find out more details about our father
I only saw your email today, so sent this straight back
email soon
love Amanda x