Message Posted By: Anja (Angela) Kroon (Glogiewicz)

Wladislaw Glogiewicz !!!

My name is Anja Kroon or Angela Maria Glogiewicz and Im looking for my father.
His name is Wladislaw Glogiewicz and he lives somewhere in England. He also has a son named Marcel Jonathan Kroon. I miss him very very much and I dont know If he lives or where he lives.
If you are him or know him, please contact me. My email adress is

Posted on: 07/01/2007

Poster Information:

Name: Anja (Angela) Kroon (Glogiewicz)

Born: 0

Town: Swifterbant

Looking For:

Name: Wladislaw Glogiewicz

Born: 1948

Reply posted on: 23/05/2008

From Amanda glogiewicz

Born: 0

Town: Chesterfield

Im the long lost half sister youve been trying to contact.
Please please email me as soon as possible, ive been totally shocked to find out i have a sister I need to find out lots of answers and questions and contact you too
love Amanda x