Message Posted By: Gemma Cox

His name is Joshua Boardman from Warrington he is 18 we met when 11 and i am desprate to contact him please help. As far as i know he still lives there

Posted on: 29/09/2003 14:57:27

Poster Information:

Name: Gemma Cox

Looking For:

Name: Joshua Boardman

Town: Warrington

Reply posted on: 30/05/2006

From Peter Panner

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Town: Huddersfield

I know josh hes at uni now get in touch by email

Reply posted on: 10/10/2006

From gemma cox

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Town: warrington

This is Gemma Cox. I never put that notice up. I knew exactly where he lives, Ive been avoiding it for 4 years. End of.

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hi im a friend of joshs ill let him no u want to contact him how do you no josh and who should i say you are reply for more info

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hi i saw your message looking for josh and he is actually a friend of mine how do you know him ill let him no reply for more info