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Veronica Ryan/Kelly

I am trying to find my mother. Her married name was Veronica Kelly and her maiden name was Veronica Ryan although her mother had been remarried to a Mr.Quinn she was always known by my family as Veronica Ryan. She married my father Padraig Kelly in 1967 and they subsequently had two children Patrick, born in 1967 and Michelle, born in 1968. They separated in I think 1969 and my sister died in 1970 of which my mother is aware. As I am now a father myself I feel that I need to complete the cycle and introduce my mother to my life and all that it contains. Reciprocally I need to know if I have siblings and I need to know about her life.

Posted on: 13/01/2007

Poster Information:

Name: Patrick Kelly

Born: 0

Town: Mauroux

Looking For:

Name: Veronica Kelly

Born: 1947

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