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please help

im looking for a sally wayan glaetzer, she was born on the 27/12 1982! she was last seen in adelaide! In australia! please contact 0407713916 if any information! cheers

Posted on: 22/01/2007

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Name: crystal joseph

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Town: alice springs

Looking For:

Name: sally glaetzer

Born: 1982

Reply posted on: 26/01/2009

From crystal joseph

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Town: adelaide

thanks angela, for writing 2 me! i finally found sally, shes here in adelaide! im sorry 2 tell u this but her dad allan, died 7 years ago! once again thank you! xx

Reply posted on: 06/06/2007

From Angela Cox

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Town: Gold Coast

There is a Sally Glaetzerwho works as a reporter for Stateline in Tasmania. I used to be married to her father in the 70s way before she was born. I searched the internet to see if i could make contact with him and saw your message. Im sure she is his daughter as last I spoke to him he was living in Alice Springs and told nme his daughters name was Sally and wife was Serena
Hope this helps..