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we are twin sisters looking for our natural dad.we have been looking for ten years now.we were born 1970.he met our mum carol heathers 1969.we would be grateful for any he has 6 grandchildren who would love to know him.think he came from london.spent time in kent,nottinham,bristol.if anybody can help please get in touch.

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Name: rachael hinitt

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Name: brian meredith

Born: 1970

Town: Bristol

Reply posted on: 05/06/2006

From Jenny Evans

Born: 0

Town: London

Hi Rachael,

I am developing a new TV series called Lost and Found with a production company called Tiger Aspect.

We are looking for stories similar to your own. The aim is to make six, hour-long observational-documentaries looking at the journey people go on (emotional, psychological, even geographical) to track down someone they feel is a missing link in their lives.

It would be an absolute priviledge to follow you on your journey as you look for your Dad. Do you think it would be something youd be interested in working with us on?

Give me a buzz on 020 7434 6741, or drop me a line at and we can have a proper chat about it.

With very best wishes,