Message Posted By: marianne halliday

daniel halliday

i am searching for my cousin Daniel,son of Peter.W.Halliday and Simone.A.McLaughlin.

Posted on: 23/01/2007

Poster Information:

Name: marianne halliday

Born: 0

Town: rossett

Looking For:

Name: daniel halliday

Born: 1991

Reply posted on: 20/03/2007

From Daniel Halliday

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Town: Manchester

hi marianne its daniel grandar found this and told me and my dad. i am currently living in Manchester with my mum. My e-mail address is

email me and tell me how u r gettin on

Reply posted on: 04/04/2007

From michael otoole

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Town: liverpool

hi i noticed your message just wonderd if use had any family in huyton from parbrook road all i no is names like stella and steven and david halliday if use no them email me at thnk you