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this is my oldest sister, she left ethel Washington on 09/18/06 , from friends of the fam,ily they where headed to Pahrump, Nevada , but have also lived in Texas before moving to Washington , the reason Iam in search of her is she stole or Dads urn with his ashes, we just want our Dad back to put him to rest with our Mother , talked to her neighbors and they said they left on 09/18/06 , because we said we would send the sheriff to pick up our dad on that date and the neighbors said they sold there property and left in a big hurry ,and we also talked with the new owners of there property and they thought they where running from the law they left so fast, please if you can help I would be greatful , I have been trying to locate them since they left

Posted on: 24/01/2007

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