Message Posted By: Suzy Batchelor

I am trying to find any information on Geraldine or Patrick McAlynn. If you know these people please could you get in contact. My birth name was Nichola McAlynn. Thank you

Poster Information:

Name: Suzy Batchelor

Looking For:

Name: Geraldine or Patrick McAlynn

Born: 1979

Town: Not Known

Reply posted on: 24/07/2009

From Niall Campbell

Born: 0

Town: Magherafelt

Is there any possible connection between your family and my family.My family originate from a village in Co.Fermangh Northern Ireland which is called Ederney.My family connection would be my mothers fathers whos family are also called McAlynn,and i just wonder if they have any connection to yours at all.

Please contact me on


Reply posted on: 17/08/2014 21:11:29

From Vanessa Devine

Town: Castlederg

Dear Suzy

I hope you still check this or get notifications but I believe I know the people you are looking for, my mother was Mcalynn, and I may be related to these people. If you see this please contact me on and I will do whatever I can to reconnect you to them.