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Ive been searching for my mother for many years. and three or so years ago I found out that she died. this explained many aspects of her being not in touch but opened up a a huge empty hole in my life that I cant figure out. How, why, and why. I need to find friends she may have been in contact with. she died in 1995, in a hospice in London. She was good mates with a lady called Bunny Symonds.Who lived in or around Southend. My mother Jeannie/Jean had befriended a man called John Baxter in the palace Hotel in Southend. At the time the hotel was a sort of halfway type house for people inbetween homes, or you could say homeless!! Its a weird storey, and Im just trying to find some answers and fill in a hell of a lot of blanks!! My name is Steven Gardiner, and my mothers name changed when she remarried to Dereck Morley Hart. Err? I cant think what else to write. Sorry.

Posted on: 28/01/2007

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