Message Posted By: Melanie Vincent

I am looking for my natural birth father who is called Michael McCarthy. Im not sure of his age, he may be in his fifties. I am his daughter. He used to date a lady called Sandra Vincent who is my natural birth mother.

Posted on: 08/10/2003 16:00:33

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Name: Melanie Vincent

Looking For:

Name: Michael McCarthy

Town: Cwmbran

Reply posted on: 08/02/2011

From lauren Barnes

Town: London

This may sound very strange but Im also looking for my father who is also named Michael McCarthy and in his 50s the last I heard he lived around essex if this is the same person

Reply posted on: 20/01/2007

From rory williams

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Town: walsall

hi i know this may seem strange but im looking my father too and i noticed your surname and your mothers surname i dont suppose either of you know a colin e vincent

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I know a Michael McCarthy - Birkenhead area. Is this the right area, he is in his 50s