Message Posted By: Winston jejey

Missing sister

looking for my missing over 7 years now. can you help me find her

Posted on: 31/01/2007

Poster Information:

Name: Winston jejey

Born: 0

Town: london

Looking For:

Name: Anita jejey

Born: 1973

Reply posted on: 04/06/2009

From Rex Efruwhe

Born: 0

Town: Lagos

Please, looking for my cousin who doesnt know me. His name is Winston Jejey

Reply posted on: 21/04/2014 12:07:11

From Elaine Larkin

Town: London

Have you found her. Send a picture

Reply posted on: 25/07/2008

From Erard Mutalemwa

Born: 0

Town: Dar es Salaam

Winston, hope that the guys i was with in kenya (Grange) what is this message i ve just read, lets get in touch, my email