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Missing my long lost dad

my name is T Lay use to be Micheals I use to see my rear dad alot in basingstoke as he use to live and work in basingstoke I have been trying to trace my real dad since 1996 his Name is John Downey I spoke to his ex work mates and they told me that he live in the midlands (Birmingham Area) he was born roughly about 1958 to 1965 appox age 44 to 48 been married to a crosbie or crosby in basingstoke stock who has a son called sean crosbie or corsby use to go out with a person call Linda Micheals my mum explaned to me what she said to my dad, Dad if you are out there please get in contact with me I had a son he is called Charlie John Lay he was born on 24 sep 2002 reason for contacting my rear father I need to have a bigh catch up (Talk) and if he has any medical problems etc so I can let Charlies doctor as he was adopted on the 30 sep 2002 I would be greatful if you can come forward no matter what you ve done dad I will forgive you I think of my dad every day I love you dad so much I hope you under stand XXXXXXXXXXXX

Posted on: 08/02/2007

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Name: Tina Louise Lay

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Town: Basingstoke

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Name: John Downey

Born: 1958

Reply posted on: 15/04/2014 20:32:44

From Abbie Hudson

Town: Hampshire

This random I am trying to find my real dad who lived in basingstoke and his name was john downey but he had a middle name beginning with C.
Is he the same man

Reply posted on: 15/01/2016 18:11:28

From Tina Louise Lay

Town: Basingstoke

Hi sorry for the long reply as I have been busy All I know about my real dad he worked for a few companies in Basingstoke all I know he was born between 1958- 1965 he was married to a margaret Crosby who lived or lives in Burnaby close, Basingstoke I think its no 6 not sure. I know he worked for Stagecoach, Oakley Coaches, Countrywide travel which is no longer active, I think he worked for top travel, Briggs tapes and rabbit hire. can I ask you some thing you can contract me direct if you like