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I am curious to find out the whereabouts of my father, who I have not seen for perhaps 10 years now. I do not remember the full details as I was very young at the time, however I know that he and my mother split up and became divorced, I do not know how many years they were married - I would guess around 8-10years, but I am not sure.

My mother met my father whilst nannying in America, although she is from Sheffield, UK herself. My father is from Chicago, Illinois in USA, and most of his side of the family were local when we all lived there years ago.

Although my mother and father split up, my father moved to Basingstoke, UK, in order to keep in contact with his children. I cannot remember how long this arrangement carried on for, but I do not think it was for long. When my father met a new love interest, who also had children and a family of her own, my father saw my siblings and I less and less, and I remember my mother speaking to him on the phone one day, angry because he seemed to have no time for his children.

After a while, my father became disinterested altogether, or at least that is as far as I know - as stated I was young at the time and my memories of the period are not completely clear. I have not seen him since, and any cards or post he would send, my mother would rip up and keep him out of our lives. I do not know if this is because of a court case my father tried to place against my mother - something to do with borrowing money? Yet again I cannot remember the full story.

I vaguely remember one occasion when my father tried to get in contact, however this was only because he had split from his partner, and was perhaps lonely. My mother however wouldnt allow him back into our lives after the hurt he had caused us - he seemed to give up quite easily, and we never heard a peep from him again.

As the years go on, I become more curious as to what has become of him, and recently decided to do something about it.

Can you help?

Chloe Ann Fearn

Posted on: 21/02/2007

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