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my name is jodie, i am looking for my aunty gene. i do not know her married surname. all i know is that her maiden name was Bynoth. she has a husband called richard and a son called Lee. i appreciate your help x

Posted on: 14/10/2003 20:12:05

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Name: jodie bynoth

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Name: Gene bynoth (maiden)

Town: southend

Reply posted on: 17/05/2005

From katie bynoth

Born: 1985

hi, my name is katie Bynoth. I do not know your aunty im afraid, but this ummer i was hoping to do abit of research on the family, and would appreciate your help if thats ok. perhaps if you dont mind, i could have an email adress for you and could get in contact. Hope this is ok, thankyou, Katie xx