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Looking for Trevor

Trying to locate Trevor Cassidy (name on birth certificate) but may have been changed if he was adopted. His mothers name was Patricia Evelyn Cassidy formally Reid. Patricias fathers name was Stuart Gordon Reid.(Dental Mechanic) She married my father on 31st October 1953 at Leeds Register Office. She had a son on 16th August 1955 in St Marys Hospital, Armley. They divorced on 17th October 1957. When she married she was living in Kelso Gardens, Leeds 2. At the time of having the baby she was living at Back Burley Hill, Leeds 4.

Posted on: 22/02/2007

Poster Information:

Name: Elaine Cassidy

Born: 0

Town: Newton Aycliffe

Looking For:

Name: Trevor Cassidy

Born: 1955

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