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Trying to find my Dad

David Morelli last wrote to me about 10-12 years ago when i was 11-13. He has changed his name quite alot, so this might not be his name now. I asked him not to contact me until I was 16 as I wanted to concentrate on my education, and I thought this would be a distraction. It is now 7 years since I left school, and though I have tried myself, there has been no contact. I dont expect anything from him, I just want to know my Dad. Alot of serious stuff has happened in my life since the last contact and I now have a girlfriend and baby daughter whom I would like him to meet. I want to make it clear that I dont blame him for anything and I dont dislike him, at the end of the day all boys need their Dad.

Posted on: 01/03/2007

Poster Information:

Name: Daniel Foster

Born: 0

Town: Ipswich

Looking For:

Name: David Morelli

Born: 1962

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