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Looking for

If you were born Sally Anne, Downend, at the Haven mother and baby home Yateley, Camberley, Surrey, in 1969, then get in touch,
love from your dad xxxxxxxx

Posted on: 06/03/2007

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Name: tim wix

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Town: loughborough

Looking For:

Name: sally anne downend

Born: 1969

Reply posted on: 21/02/2010

From Penny Green

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Town: Dunstable

Hi, I saw your post and thought I would let you know that I have setup a group on Facebook for people born at The Haven or looking for someone who was. Would you like to join us, we are small and exclusive but very supportive.

Email if you would like an invite.

Reply posted on: 24/03/2010

From Timothy Wix

Born: 0

Town: Loughborough

Dear Penny, thankyou for your reply.

I apologise for the delay in getting back to you but Ive only just seen your message.
I would like to confirm that I am interested in joining the group.

All the best,