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looking for my father

Hi, Im looking for my father his name is david faulkner & he left when I was about 6 months old, all I know about him is that he lived in standale grove in ruislip, middlesex as a lodger in the 80s and that he was in the army at one point in the 80s. His brothers name is walter (i have been told that some people called him wally), I have also been told that his mum was welsh and dad from birmingham or vise versa. I have been told that he may have moved back to birmingham as this is where he grew up. I dont really know much else about him but would love to find him and hopefully get to know him.

Posted on: 07/03/2007

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Name: vaughn burns

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Town: southampton

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Name: david faulkner

Born: 1962

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