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Quinn, Grinrod, Hennigan

Myself as well as a newly found Cousin, Angela of Rochdale, England are looking for Michael Grinrod son of the late Harry and Lillian Quinn Grinrod from Rochdale England. We are also looking for Ron and Jacky Hennigan not sure of the spelling of the last name or Jackys name. Jacky was adopted/raised by Harry and Lillian QUinn Grinrod. Ron at one time worked for the Rochdale Police Dept...If anyone knows of there whereabouts please contact me..thanks Jim PS not sure of Michaels dob but had to put something in to advance to this page...

Posted on: 19/03/2007

Poster Information:

Name: Jim Pettigrew

Born: 0

Town: Canton

Looking For:

Name: Michael Grinrod

Born: 1930

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