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Please help me find harriet she was only 17 went she went missing but i have hadnumerous of contacts saying people have seen her and i know she is alive,but well im not sure.She will be 20 now 21 this october.the last she was seen was cambridge and im almost certain she is squatting there.Strawberry fair(i know it sounds weird)but im almost certain she will attend it this year as she has sinc she was a year old.I have looked for her there but with no luck.She has blue eyes and brown hair with a distinctive gap in her teeth.She has had numerous problems with depression and drugs.she had to give up a child at just 14.Nobody wants to interfere with her life just to know she is ok.Please PLEASE email me if you have ANY information!!PLEASE.

Posted on: 21/03/2007

Poster Information:

Name: kim deal

Born: 0

Town: norwich

Looking For:

Name: harriet brown

Born: 1986

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