Message Posted By: Maureen DAley

Im trying to find my cousin Sandra Wylie nee Byrom to complete some history for my family tree

Posted on: 19/10/2003 16:35:28

Poster Information:

Name: Maureen DAley

Looking For:

Name: Sandra Wylie

Town: Winchester

Reply posted on: 26/04/2006

From Sandra Wylie

Born: 0

Town: Eastleigh

Hello Maureen, Roland, my Husband has just found the message that you posted some years ago, on the internet. I am so excited, that after all these years, we may be in contact, once again. We have lived in Winchester for the last 25 years and our 2 children are now grown up. Tamsin is married and living in Yorkshire and Tristan in Sweden. Look forward to you making contact. Love Sandra x