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would like to find my brothers Ian &William Gourlay

My name is Graham Munro Gourlay and i am looking for my brothers william gourlay and ian gourlay. Last kownen address is croyden surrey. Our parents names were James Tough Gourlay and our mothers name was Doreen Beauchamp.After our mother died I was sent to live with our mothers brother George and his wife Betty in Byfield Surrey. Our father was a policeman and our mother was a telephonist,I would be very greatful for any help in finding my brothers or anybody that is related to them.

Posted on: 06/04/2007

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Name: graham gourlay

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Town: kilkelly

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Name: Ian Gourlay

Born: 1932

Reply posted on: 03/05/2012

From Linda Gourlay

Town: Ilkeston

Graham, with middle name Munro and father James Tough Gourlay theres a strong chance you are my relation. I see that your post is quite old so Im crossing my fingers that you get this response. James Tough Gourlay born 1901 or thereabouts was my fathers brother and is the one Uncle I have no trace of. Come on, how many people have middle name Tough????? Linda