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Looking for Anthony (Tony) Le Prince


My name is Annet Wopereis and i am from a town called Deventer, The Netherlands.
I am looking for Anthony (tony) le Prince. In 1979 he lived in London, in Lambeth, at Lambeth Road. He is now about 50 years old.
He has been in The Netherlands at 1977 during the taping of a film called A bridge too far He worked as a chef, catering or something like that. He stayed in the Postiljon motel in Deventer.
He has met my father, René Wopereis, during making the movie a bridge too far they worked together and became good friends. My parents (René and Daisy Wopereis) visited him in 1979 in London, he went back to Holland because of the 25th anniversery of my grandpa and grandma (the parents of my dad) in that same year. The last time that Tony has been in Holland was in 1985 or 1986. I think that he might met me, because i was born in 1983. Thats also the last time that my parents had spoken to Tony.

Im looking for Tony because of a surprise for my dad. On the 16th of June he is becoming 50 years old. My father used to tell a lot of funny stories about Tony and him and i would like to invite Tony to our home.
Does anybody know him? Does anybody knows something about Tony? Are you Anthony Le Prince? Please contact me!!!! All the information is welcome!!!
tel. 0031616872877

Thank you for your time!

Posted on: 11/04/2007

Poster Information:

Name: Annet Wopereis

Born: 0

Town: Deventer

Looking For:

Name: Anthony Le Prince

Born: 1955

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