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Looking for Kathryn Green

Im trying to locate Kathryn Green (maiden name). She would be about 53/54 yrs old now. She lived in Beech Ave, Greenfield, nr Oldham, Lancs during the 60s and 70s. Her mothers name is or was Ethel. I think she had a younger sister too, possibly called Diane, but not sure about this.

Kathryn and I worked together at Robert Fletcher and Son in Greenfield and were very good friends at that time. but lost touch when I left the company in 1970.

I would dearly love to get back in touch with her again, if anyone reading this knows her or has any information that might help me find her, such as her married name or last known address, anything would be appreciated.

Posted on: 16/04/2007

Poster Information:

Name: Marilyn Jones(nee Campbell)

Born: 0

Town: Johannesburg

Looking For:

Name: Kathryn Green (maiden name)

Born: 1953

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