Message Posted By: Brenda MacPherson

Looking for Desmond Rodney Darwood

Can anyone help? Desmond was in the Royal Navy at one time and married to Margaret Kidd on 18th December 1948 in Edinburgh. He had three daughters - twins and myself. Ive been trying to trace him for years but, with limited information, its been difficult. Is he still alive, does anyone know??!!

Posted on: 22/04/2007

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Name: Brenda MacPherson

Born: 0

Town: Dunfermline

Looking For:

Name: Desmond Rodney Darwood

Born: 1928

Reply posted on: 19/02/2016 00:30:47

From Carol Chaplin

Town: Southend-on-sea

Hi Brenda. On clearing out my Great Aunts things I have found a scrapbook which appears to relate to Desmond Rodney Darwood. First thing in it is his enlistment card to the Royal Navy. It looks like it gives info on his Naval career.

Reply posted on: 20/02/2016 13:54:05

From Brenda MacPherson

Town: Dunfermline

Hello Carol, what a great surprise to receive your message, how fascinating. I did find out a couple of years back that my Father had passed away before I had the chance to meet with him. However, any information relating to him would be brilliant, are you willing to part with it? I would, of course, pay any postage costs involved. Do you have an email address I can contact you on? Thanks so much, Best Wishes, Brenda.