Message Posted By: david cunniff

cunniff edward patrick address unknown

Posted on: 25/10/2003 13:51:57

Poster Information:

Name: david cunniff

Looking For:

Name: edward patrick cunniff

Town: normanton

Reply posted on: 10/07/2004

From Tracy Wilkinson

Born: 1972

Hello there i have noticed your advert for a missing person named patrick edward cunniff last known to be in Normanton. I was wandering if it was the same person that i was looking for i am looking for someone with the same name who is Irish. He will be around 77 years old now i have never met him, i do not know what he looks like. He was married to Anne Cyrinthie cunniff and had two daughters named Jean and Brenda cunniff. If it is the same person could you please contact me .

Eagerly awaiting your reply
many thanks. T.Wilkinson