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i need you mummy

hi mum victoria here,i dont know what to say now except i would like to get to know you. you left me and my dad when i was a baby, i dont blame you as he was a violent man, his name was william mckay from shankill rd belfast. i will be 17 on 28.06.07 and would give anything to get to know you. lol victoria xoxoxo 02890775459

Posted on: 05/05/2007

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Name: vivtoria rose mckay

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Town: belfast

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Name: beanie dont know

Born: 1970

Reply posted on: 22/02/2008

From natasha mantell

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Town: ashford

i am your sister and have been looking forward to finding you. our mums name is robina and has missed you like hell. when i told her that i have found you she broke down. there is 4 of us me louise charlotte and simon in that order you fit between lou and char. i have had a little boy called ricky who is 3 and a half almost. please please please ring me on (01233) 665133 all our love xoxoxoxoxoxo ps. your mum loves you lotsxxx