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hi to any one that can help me

i am looking for my long lost sister emma i was adopted when i was younger and wud really like to meet all my brothers and sisters her full name is emma jane davies and her mother is heather simpkins frm hereford i have found my birth mother and we have a good relationship but it wud b nice to trace emma she has 1 other sister zoe and 2 brothers james and steven and two half brothers lee and robbie. she is currently living in hereford if any one has any info id b grateful many thanx

Posted on: 13/05/2007

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Name: ellie barber

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Town: pershore

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Name: emma jane davies

Born: 1981

Reply posted on: 23/05/2007

From Julian Julian

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I had a search, found a emma jane davies in the area of Credenhill Hereford. I have an address and phone number, but prefer not to post it on message board -not sure if secure,as this is my first time I use this site. Also have a bit more info from a web site I access that may help. will freely give you information. you can email me :)
best wishes
Julian :)

Reply posted on: 24/05/2007

From ellie barber

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Town: pershore

hi julian thanx 4 replying to my message am very interested in the info u have on emma have got that 1 address but she moved not so long bck and left no fording address. please contact me wiv the info that u have many thanx.