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please help me find my daddy

i want to find my father i havent seen him since i was three years old, i have been told everything about him and no matter what people say or much they try to put me off it never works! i never got on with my mums exs or ex husbands because i just want my dad, when i get upset or lonely i cry for him. i know his mother is called elaine church and lives in brackenthwaite on panel road, a little farm, that was the last address she lived at, her husband is called richard church, gary also has a brother unsure of his name, and a sister/half sister called sarah. i know my dad is roughly in his mid 40s. i was told he moved to scarborough recently, and his has a little girl called bethany and his wife/girlfriend/ex is called michelle. i have wrote to gary numerous times leaving him contact addresses and numbers and cards everything even telling him how things are....i am not sure wether he was getting them letters as i was sending these letters and cards to elaines house as i didnt have an address for him, i would like to find my dad as soon as i can as this is something i am ready for and been waiting for, for a very long time.

Posted on: 24/05/2007

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Name: gemma weatherhead

Born: 0

Town: newcastle upon tyne

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Name: gary lancaster

Born: 1965

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