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looking for you

Hi its been a long time over 37 years but I would love to find you and see you, are you out there?
We worked together at Newmand Hender in the 1960s just to refresh your memory You left and went to South Africa, came back and managed to track me down and wanted to meet me, but I was married by then and did not have the courage to see you, now I have !!

Posted on: 25/05/2007

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Name: jean moore

Born: 0

Town: Kingsbridge

Looking For:

Name: Robin,Christopher Elam-Rye

Born: 1938

Reply posted on: 15/06/2007

From robin elam-rye

Born: 0

Town: cape town

Hi Jean

So you found me! I also read the message you posted.

Now Im waiting for your promised email as I really would like to catch up on all those years.

I have done many things which I would love to relate to you and in the same token would enjoy hearing about you.
Just a little more courage

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