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Looking for my brother

Hoping somebody can help me, ive found out i have another brother and it would be his 30th birthday today (30/5). my mum has told me the circumstances of why he isnt here with us and its so sad, i know that he wont have been told that he has a little sister and 2 older brothers but i would really love to try and get in contact with him to at least say hi. he was living in Guildford, Surrey and i believe he is still somewhere in that area. im getting married this year and it would be lovely to have all the family together as they should be, so if you know him or are him please get in touch. thank you

Posted on: 30/05/2007

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Name: Vicki Flint

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Name: James Mintram

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Reply posted on: 19/12/2007

From James Mintram

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I just saw this one too.