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I am looking for my two brothers who I have not seen since 1958. My first brother s birthday was the 19th JULY 1957 and he was called Stephen Lees. My second brother was born on 22nd August 1958 and he was called Martin Lees. when Martin was born he had to have a operation on his stomach and bowel. if these dates seem to mean something to you please get in touch. My name is Janette and I am you sister and you also have a half brother called Mark. I would love to meet you both and tell you about your natural mother and why she had to let you go.

Posted on: 28/10/2003 16:30:14

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Name: Janette Aylott

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Name: stephen lees

Town: kenton, middlesex

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With my husband we are searching for my husbands birth mother. He was born 19th July 1959 and was given the name Eugene Stephene Lee. As far as he is aware his mothers name was Caroline Lee and she worked as a nursing orderly and he was given up for adoption as a baby.I know the years are slightly out but could there be a connection here?

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From sandra arnott

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Hi Janette

My name is Sandra and I just seen your notice and wondered if there is any connection to my search for my friends mother and possibly more brothers and sisters. I hope you dont mind me asking if your mothers name is May and her birthday is in December? I have been looking for this lady for years and is possibly in England somewhere had originally being born in Edinburgh.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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From Janette Aylott

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I am really sorry Sandra but i dont think i will be able to help you. My mother ws born in January and her name was Beryl and she was born in Kingsbury North London. i really hope you find who you are looking for.