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My dad is looking for Raymond Chadwick of Farnworth/Walkden

Hi there,

My dad is searching for his good friend, Raymonmd Chadwick.
Raymond disappeared a few months ago and my dad recently heard that he had suffered a stroke and gone to live near his son in Doncaster. My dad had a mobile number for Raymond but it is always switched off.
Raymond was definately a bit of a lad and enjoyed a good drink.
If anyone has any information please contact me,

Many thanks,


Posted on: 04/07/2007

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Name: Matt Grundy

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Town: Manchester

Looking For:

Name: Raymond Chadwick

Born: 1950

Reply posted on: 21/12/2008

From Verity Chadwick

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Town: Wakefield

I think you were looking for my father in law, Ray Chadwick. He came to live near us in Yorkshire after having a stroke in Farnworth, Manchester. Email me your Dads number and Ill pass it on, Ive asked Ray and he remembers a Frank Grundy very well.