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looking for Lillian Beadsworth, probably in her late 70s or early 80S last known address yeovil in somerset. her maiden name was Flint. She was married to a man called Bernard Albert Beadsworth they lived at Higher Bullion, Stowford, yeovil

Posted on: 02/11/2003 11:37:25

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Name: stewart beighton

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Name: lillian beadsworth

Town: yeovil

Reply posted on: 27/01/2017 01:28:56

From Anne Booth

Town: Hull

Lillian beadsworth stayed at my mums house and gave birth to Stewart about 22 December 1944. Hope this helps

Reply posted on: 28/01/2017 00:21:53

From Anne Booth

Town: Hull

The message I replied to was from Stewart Brighton asking for information on Lillian Beadsworth who lived at my mothers house in 1944. She had a child Stewart Beadsworth who was put up for adoption after Stewart was 2years old. It seems there is a mix up with the message as I have replied to the text in the enquiry.

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Hello, this may seem a random message to you, seen as i do not know who Lillian Beadsworth is, but my name is Natalie Beadsworth, and i have been searching on the internet for information about my family to build up a family tree.
My father is Simon Beadsworth, and he was the son og Desmond Beadsworth who had 2 other brothers, John and Peter,and i think there father, is called Albert, that is all i know about my family, but if you know any of these people i just mentioned, then you might be related to me, and i would be very grateful if you emailed me back to let me know.

Yours sincerely

Natalie Beadsworth